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Prevention and Processes for COVID-19

How can you help us all stay well?

We are restricting visitors at this time as we follow guidelines from the CDC. We are making special considerations for end of life patients.

We wanted to reach out to you today to let you know what we are doing proactively on behalf of you and your loved ones in terms of Coronavirus and flu season in general. We are grateful we are not impacted.

We are working proactively to maintain the highest levels of health and wellness.

Our commitment is to providing safe and reliable care for our residents and caregivers. We are closely monitoring the circumstances and we stand ready in compliance with CDC recommendations and in partnership with our community hospitals for necessary action.

The administrator at your loved one’s community, our entire staff, Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer are monitoring the national recommendations and will keep you informed at every level.

Thank you for understanding and we will continue to keep you updated!

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