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Celebrating 60 Years

Wallace and Janet met at a dance in Ridgeland. While dating they enjoyed go to different dance halls around the area. They were married on a beautiful January day, similar to the one we are having today. After the Wedding they loaded up their vehicle and headed to Missouri to see Wallace's cousin, but when they got there he had been deployed. On their way they drove through a snow storm and they had to stop. They ended up staying in the hotel owners bedroom as all the hotel rooms were full from all the travelers on the road. Family and friends through them a surprise 25th anniversary and they had a big party on their 50th. The best advice they have is work through the wrinkles in life, to many couples give up way to easy and sometimes you just need to be strong.

We recently celebrated Wallace and Janet's 60th year of marriage! Check out the photos of them!

Pioneer Nursing Home is a community-owned senior care facility featuring long term care and short term rehabiliation managed by Grace Lutheran Communities, a local non-profit organization based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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