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Physical Therapy


Our physical therapists help patients to regain their strength and balance, prevent falls, increase range of motion, and decrease pain. Through therapeutic exercise programs, patients can increase their strength, muscle function, coordination, endurance, and mobility. This is especially important after a fall, injury, or surgery.

Occupational Therapy


Our occupational therapists help patients to safely and independently perform activities of daily living, including cooking, bathing and dressing. Using a wide range of interventions, our therapists adapt tasks and modify the environment to enhance each patient’s ability to function in their physical and social environment. They provide sensori-motor treatments for strength, endurance, range of motion, coordination and balance, as well as therapeutic activities for memory, orientation, cognitive integration and daily life skills. 

Speech Therapy


Our speech language pathologists design treatment plans to address communication problems, memory loss and swallowing dysfunction. These treatment plans can focus on comprehension skills for written and verbal communication as well as cognitive status, which may include memory, orientation and reasoning skills. For patients with swallowing disorders, speech language pathologists also work to address oral muscle strength and function for speaking and for safe eating and drinking.

Pioneer Health & Rehab has partnered with Greenfield Rehab to bring the nation's leading provider of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to the rural Village of Prairie Farm. Click here to view some local success stories from therapy services provided right here at Pioneer Health & Rehab!


Rehab Services

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